John Proudstar  Age: 16

Powers & what that means now: His powers as “thunderbird” he possessed superhuman strength (sufficient to rip apart a fighter jet with his bare hands), speed (he is fast enough to outrun a bison, possibly much faster), stamina, and durability due to his dense musculature. His senses are also enhanced, enabling him to become a highly adept tracker. All that it means now- is that he is the perfect athlete and the typical boy- he is true to his reservation roots.

Biography(what he is made to believe): John Proudstar was born into an Apache tribe on a reservation in Camp Verde, Arizona. He lived off the reservation with his grandfather, and parents tending to the animals most of the time, and helping with the farm. He had always been nice to everyone he came in contact with, and on the reservation when he laid his eyes on Daniella he’d swore he’d never love another..then again he was only six and swore he’d be a ranch owner when he was older, it was maybe a couple of months after Dani left that he found himself being taken to this place too- and when he found himself in a very American way he slowly lost himself and his ways- from the reservation. Becoming a modern native- and almost even forgetting the love for nature.

Samuel Zachary Guthrie Age: 18

Powers & what that means now: As “Cannonball” he had the ability to bodily generate thermo-chemical energy and release it from his skin. This energy is used as thrust to cause his body to be propelled through the air like a rocket, at great heights and speeds with considerable maneuverability. He can control his speed and direction through sheer act of will. He can use this blast-field for the following effects: to function as a personal shield or extending it to encompass others, to shape the field around another person to imprison them, or to absorb outside kinetic impact into his own energy supply, enabling him to increase the bludgeoning power of his blows or to create explosive shock waves upon impact. This now just reflects on his personality to always get people out there and how powerful his happiness can be.

Biography(what he is made to believe): At a rather young age Samuel and Paige were turned orphans, after the coal mines were destroyed and killed almost everyone had nothing to offer anyone they went back home to find their family but they were all packed up and gone, so the two were on their own. Samuel grew up faster and matured taking on any job he could find that was till they were picked up and invited to this school that would pay for anything- Samuel eager to graduate with some proof of intelligence took it up and has so far finally been given a chance to have a break and be himself. So far he is the run of the mill average guy, who is very active in sports and quite attractive with the ladies- but often times so worried about his sister that he doesn’t get to live too much worried that she isn’t adjusting as well as he is.

Theresa Maeve Rourke Cassidy  Age: 18

Powers/What it means now: Theresa was once the mutant called “siryn” she had the powers of Sonic scream, flight, power of suggestion by voice modulation, enhanced hearing, sound containment. She worked hand in hand with Dazzler and saw Kitty as a close friend. Now that just calls for a good friendship with both and an amazing voice. With her amazing looks, and soft sweet voice, she also has a temper, and a bit of a seductive side. That she can’t always control- and it can lead to messy situations.

Now: When Theresa woke up in her room, she had no remembrance of her hometown in Ireland, though it’s obvious she isn’t from America with her heavy accent, and ginger red hair. All she remembers is a fight between her dad and her uncle- and a death but she can’t remember whose. Since she has met with her fellow “classmates” and “housemates” she’s found herself obviously the object of a few people’s attention, she is after all a bit more mature, and beautiful than some. Theresa finds herself in friendly competition against her best friend Ali, when she wants to step up and try out for choir lead. Theresa finds her voice a bit weird- seeing that a strong enough note can make her break glass- when she looked it up she saw many opera singers can do so, so thinks  nothing of it. Though she is one of the first to be slowly gaining back her mutant powers.

Megan Gwynn Age: 17

Before: Her powers before while she was a mutant consisted of her Insect wings enable flight, and the pixie dust that she’d use that could cause hallucinations, and sometimes even put people to sleep. She also had the power to transport- which now translates to her having the ability to multitask and do wonders with the stage work and the ability to make things way better than can appear, which is why she’s such a great at stage crew.


Now: Megan is the friendliest and happiest person you can meet at the Xavier Estate and school. She is a bit of a mystery in the sense that everyone knows her- but not everyone knows about her. Truth is, when Megan woke up in her room- she wasn’t exactly sure who she was at all. She is clearly not from America- her soft accent as proof- but she does in fact have a fear of mines and a fear of being in dark spaces. That’s probably why she is so bright and bubbly- the complete opposite of what she fears. When it comes to her family- she looks at old pictures and realizes she really doesn’t look like anyone in the family, but with her father’s death she doesn’t feel the need to question it and that things are the way they are for a reason. 

Roxanne “Roxy” Washington Age: 16

Powers & what that means now: Roxy was “Bling” nicknamed such because she was born with her bone marrow able to produce diamond shards of varying quality, giving her skin a crystalline appearance and the ability to expel shards from her body at high velocity and grants her enhanced durability, what that means now. Her body has a natural glow, and she has “thick skin” not allowing what people say about her affect her.

Biography(what she is made to believe): "Daddy Libido" Washington and Angel "Sexy Mutha" Depres, who are purportedly both popular hip hop artists- they never really took the role of parents so for Roxy she grew up a target by would-be kidnappers and assassins, because of her parents money and fame. Determined not to follow in her parents’ footsteps, Washington turns her back on the music industry- and focuses on making a name for herself, caring a strong academic record and is very responsible. And that’s why she’s here, she has the old family pictures, and her memories or at least the ones of her family not exactly loving the way she was book smart- but she does have her family life outside but since waking up here, she hasn’t spoken to them- yet again she hasn’t been trying. Because of her powers before of her diamond shards  skin, she now has thick skin, that makes her uncaring to what people say or think about her. She really can’t stand music or the whole “hip hop” thing, occasionally finding herself humming poetry, in the chords and hymn of songs.

Name: Raven Darkholme Age:18

Powers & what that means now: before Raven, was known as ‘Mystique’ she had the power to shape shift, which now explains her love for theater, the ability to be anyone else in a matter of seconds fascinates her. She had the power of healing, and the power of being ageless, which is now what they call the ‘baby face’ Raven sees that as a blessing seeing as she wants to be an actress.

 biography (aka what they are led to believe is there life): Since she woke up in her room on the Xavier Estate she noticed one of two things, she had no family pictures, but an old locket of what appeared to be her younger with some boy around her age, she has no clue to who he is, or anything, so she believes that he is her brother. She is told that she was an orphan, but going to public schools back east she had always had an talent for acting. She believes she is merely at the school on scholarship but she could care less. This school will be the stepping stone that would make her. Raven feels like she was meant to always have this life, the life of options, and chance. She is friends with Calvin, and has a huge crush on her nerdy tutor hank, but with him, she feels as if she isn’t enough. which she shrugs away by being promiscuous.

Name: Katherine Anne ‘Kitty’ Pryde Age:17

Powers & what that means now: Before Katherine, was known as ‘Shadow cat’ she had the power of intangibility, which basically meant she could walk through walls, and go through any solid matter, what that translates to a life without powers, was she can easily go unnoticed, it’s obvious the beauty is breathtaking, but when she is silent is when it’s the worse she is constantly thinking, and has poor social skills.

 Biography (aka what they are led to believe is there life): Katherine is led to believe that she was born and raised in Illinois. She is stunning, but because of her poor social skills, she often gets titled the snobby girl, which she is anything but. She wants to be a model, that way everyone would see her, and she wouldn’t be so invisible. She has a cat, the only student that actually has a pet, the two are inseparable while she isn’t in class, she has pictures with the cat, which makes her believe it’s getting older, but so far has no sign of aging. She is close friends with Ali, she was under the influence that the two have been best friends before this school. And is really close to Samuel Guthrie and Alex Summers, whom introduces her to his older cousin, Scott someone who sees her even when she feels invisible.

Name: Warren Worhington, III Age:18

Powers & what that means now: before Warren, was known as ‘Angel’ he had the power to fly with his angel like wings, he had enhanced strength and was a fast healer. - Since his powers were taken, he is still somewhat a fast healer, but he sees it as hereditary or good genes. He runs almost like he is flying, and since he is built well he believes that’s why he is strong

 biography (aka what they are led to believe is there life): Since he woke up in his nicely decorated room in the Xavier estate, he has come to realize one thing, he has money, and lots of it. He is heir to CEO of multi-billion company “Worthington industries” he is focused on sports, girls, and having fun. When he is competing in a sport you see the worse in him, he does anything to win, to him it feels that you’re either number one or nothing at all. He is attracted to Heather, and feels a connection as if he had known her his whole life, but can’t pin down if he does or doesn’t know her. Warren tries hard to get in contact with his father, but fails at every attempt

Name: Lorena ‘Lo’ Dane  Age:16

Powers & what that means now: Before Lorena, was known as ‘Polaris’ she had the ability to manipulate metal, and create force fields. She was also quite gifted when it came to technology, being able to crack any codes, or firewalls. Now the only force fields she has is the walls she builds up around people. She is constantly afraid of being alone, or left so because of that she pushes people away.

 biography (aka what they are led to believe is there life): Since she woke up in her room here, she had been trying to peace things together, she believes she is the daughter to the guy whom the hall is named after, but when she tries to look it up she finds nothing. Which discourages her, because she wants to believe that she wasnt left to be adopted, but so far she had no trace of family or anyone that knows her. She is amazing at computers, and is a part of the tech club, tough she won’t admit that right away. She can come off as someone who is stuck up and preppy, but she has a soft side to her, that when she finally lets down her walls, she can be herself which as much as she hates it is just an average teenager, she makes bracelets with random objects, soda can clips being her favorite. She has a connection with Alex, and though he annoys her, he is the closest to getting her walls down.

Name: Paige Elizabeth Guthrie Age:16

Powers & what that means now: Before Paige, was known as ‘Husk’ she had the ability to change her facial features, the simple things like hair color, eye color skin color, in the blink of an eye, which now as a human with no powers gives her the obsession with makeup and costumes, she works with the theater department. She was trained in martial arts, in which she still knows the basics and could defend herself. .

 biography (aka what they are led to believe is there life): Paige grew up in a small town in Kentucky with her older brother, Samuel both being turned into orphans at a delicate age, but Samuel was at the age of acceptance and took Paige under his wing. Paige believes that her calling is fashion, she has a passion for it, and though when she is working out, she constantly feels the need to push herself, she maintains a balance of serenity and rage. People who get close to paige realize she is unpredictable, sometimes she’s wearing a ‘mask’ of someone, and she lets her guard down and the ‘mask’ changes, it often leads to people labeling her bi polar guthrie, but it’s really just the way she’s always been, she has so much skin that its almost always a new person waking up.